For many people with foot problems, Arcopedico® shoes are the answer to their prayers. Arcopedico® shoes are not only the most comfortable shoes, they also provide multiple benefits to the wearer.

Developed and manufactured in Portugal, Arcopedico® footwear are designed to give the ultimate in comfort to those with normal feet as well as those with foot problems.

  • With textile uppers adjustable to any foot shape, Arcopedico® are good for men and women
    who suffer from bunions, hammer toes, and other foot problems.
  • The soft textile or leather uppers are suitable for expectant women and travelers who develop
    swollen feet.
  • An ergonomic sole and insole provide relief for those who have to walk and stand for a long
  • These shoes are also ideal for the elderly because of the non-slip outer soles and the soft
  • Arcopedico® shoes are lightweight so the wearer does not have to strain to walk.